Miracle (Air of Auroville) Ideal of the New Creation (Ideal of Auroville) Power of Success (Success of Auroville) Power of Effort (Effort of Auroville) Sweetness of Power Surrendered to the Divine (Sweetness of Auroville) Realisation of the New Creation (Realisation of Auroville) Usefulness of the New creation (Usefulness of Auroville) Firmness of the New Creation (Firmness of Auroville) Manifold Power of the New Creation (Manifold power of Auroville) Charm of the New Creation (Charm of Auroville) Beauty of the New Creation (Beauty of Auroville) Power of Spiritual Beauty (Spiritual beauty of Auroville) Beauty of Supramental love (Flower of Auroville) Blossoming of the New Creation (Blossoming of Auroville)


Welcome to the COLAAP Website!


Here, on this site, you will receive information about the latest on land purchase and protection for the harmonious and unified development of Auroville Universal Township.



What is Auroville?

Simply put, Auroville is a growing international community in South India, 12 km. North of the Union Territory of Puducherry, earlier known as Pondicherry. Founded on 28 February 1968, today 2400 people from 44 countries reside in Auroville and are engaged in multifarious activities to realize the vision of a unique universal township at the forefront of human progress towards a sunlit future: a new era of peace, human unity, international understanding founded on the growth of culture and consciousness – one’s own consciousness and the consciousness of the collective.

“Auroville is an attempt towards collective realization.” – wrote the Mother, the founding inspiration behind Auroville and the collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, the renowned Indian mystic philosopher and visionary of the new spiritual evolution of the world.

Slowly, we are advancing towards the great goal – a city of unending education, of youth that never ages, of constant progress. Difficulties on the way – both subjective and objective – are numerous but we keep going, confident of the ultimate success.

One of the major challenges Auroville is facing today is to secure the material foundation, the required lands for the future township. Rather than analyzing the reasons for this state of things, we would prefer to concentrate on finding the way, on acting upon the task at hand.

Over the years, Auroville has secured half of the lands for the planned township, which consists of two major components, the City (or the urban area) and the Green Belt.

In the City, Auroville still needs to purchase 200 acres or 16% of the land required. In the Green Belt, the situation is less advanced with nearly 2000 acres or approx. 55% of lands still to be secured.

Would you like to contribute? Would you like to help Auroville meet this essential challenge? Well, there are many ways to collaborate. You can offer your time, your talent, and your creativity. Do get in touch with us. We shall be happy to hear from you.

However, if your hands are full, if you cannot offer your time, you may still collaborate by contributing financially towards the land purchase, click here (or go to ‘Donate’ section). By doing so, you will be collaborating in an essential way in the development of Auroville.

Mother's message for donation for land - 2-1

In 2018, Auroville will celebrate her 50th anniversary. It is our aspiration to make significant headway in the meantime so that Auroville could manifest her marvellous potentialities for the good of India and the world.

“Lands for Auroville Unified” (LFAU) lfau@auroville.org.in


More information about Auroville on http://www.auroville.org